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World War II
Millburn Cemetery


World War II 1939 - 1945

Abbs, Carleton A. Armour, James W. Anderson, Carl W.
Behnke, Richard H. Bell, Edward Thomas Bell, Lynn
Berneche, Henry M. Boyer, Paul B. Breede, Ralph
Breede, Thomas Breniser, Howard Brussaly, John
Canella, Carmen C. Chapman, Darrell C. Colucio, Raymond J.
Combs, Wilbur D. Comstock, Joseph W. Cook, Fred
Cooper, James D., Jr. Crump, George F. Cunningham, Newman J.
Dibling, Floyd A. Dozier, Leo P. Emery, George A.
Engh, Theodore C. Estep, Charles B. Faitz, Karl
Felgenhauer, Wilfred E. Fettinger, Fred C. Flasch, Julius
Fox, William Gilio, Nicholas Gongea, Lawrence A.
Haskell, Roy A. Hawkins, Orville E. Hermanson, Arthur
Hoff, Chester C. Hellmuth, Kurt A. Hologa, Gregory C.
Irwin, Edward L. Jansen, Robert Jarrett, Floyd C.
Jarrett, Henry Jarrett, L. Roy Jackson, Don
Johansen, Jens Jones, Edwin Kavich, Chester J., Sr.
Keel, Rayford A. Kernan, Edward H. Kerr, Gilbert C.
Koerper, Frank Kramer, Richard Lamb, Foster W.
Leise, Frederick J. Lencioni, Richard L. Lenz, Philip E.
Lovell, Karl E. Lucas, Harold J. Lucas, Peter
Ludvigson, Leonard Marrow, Alfred Martin, Dr. Richard
McGath, Leslie Wm. Mellender, George Messick, Richard
Nader, Joseph F., Jr. Neff, Charles Novak, William
Odom, Benjamin Odom, Stanley Parker, Thomas A.
Patterson, Dean A. Perlstrom, Robert C. Prange, Herbert A.
Prosise, Ernest R. Prosise, James E. Ritta, Jack L.
Rochstroh, William Rossmann, William F. Ruff, George
Rush, Thala W. Rutledge, Raymond R. Salisbury, Richard K.
Schaeffer, Victor J. Scukanec, Steve Spies, Otto H.
Stewart, Vernon. Stiehr, Nicholas Stiehr, John L.
Straka, Peter Robert Strang, Glenn Stroh, Earl Bennett
Theabold, Lloyd Thompson, Neil Toika, Walter
Warthen, Wendell Wetterberg, Clark R. White, Lloyd A., Jr.
Whittingham, Benjamin William, Sale Williamson, John
Winslow, Sibley Young, Harold C.  

Remember that veterans have served in these campaigns and did not necessarily die in battle.

This listing has been developed over time with the best available information. If we have neglected to list an individual, please notify us by contacting the association or the webmaster (contact info).

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