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from History of Lake County, 1912

Prominent Men of Millburn

(Editor's Notes: We have taken these entries out of context and placed them here in alphabetical order. We have changed the spelling of "Milburn" to "Millburn".)

REV. WILLIAM BRADFORD DODGE was born in Salem, Mass., September 29, 1783. He was educated for the ministry and began his ministerial career in the East. He came to Lake County in his later years, and in 1844 settled at Millburn, where he at once organized the Congregational Church. He was married to Miss Sarah Dole, a native of Massachusetts. He died April 1, 1869, and she died February 16, 1870. Mr. Dodge was a man of great rectitude and sturdiness of character, and made his mark on the pioneer period. His influence did much to give Millburn its ancient reputation for "plain living and high thinking."

JAMES JAMIESON was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, October 12, 1837. He came to America in 1858, and located in Lake County in 1859. He was married January 20, 1871, to Miss Jane Meldrum. He enlisted April 22, 1861, in Co. K, 12th Ill. Regt., and was discharged in July, 1861. He re-enlisted on October 12, 1861 in Co. I, 45th Ill. Regt. He was wounded and discharged. January 24, 1864, he again enlisted and served in the Quartermaster Department. He was mustered out April 30, 1865. Mr. Jamieson was County Treasurer of Lake County from 1890 to 1894.

JAMES R. POLLOCK was born in Canton, Mass., Oct. 4, 1838, and was brought by his father, Robert Pollock, to live near Millburn, when six months old. He grew up on his father's farm, and was married to Miss Isabel Mason, December 20, 1865. For a time he was in the grain business at Manning, Iowa, and then at Wadsworth in this county, but he returned to Millburn. He was Supervisor from Antioch in 1865-67, 1875-77, and 1884-86, and was a member of the Legislature from 1881 to 1885. He was thrown from his wagon and killed November 19, 1909. He was a marked man for integrity and good citizenship. He was the champion checker player of Lake County.

JOHN K. POLLOCK was born in New Hampshire in 1829, and located in Lake County in 1838. He was married in 1854 to Miss Christiana Adams who was born in Massachusetts. He was married to his second wife, Miss Helen Watson, July 6, 1868. He enlisted in the 96th Regt. Ill. Volunteer Infantry in 1862. He was elected Captain to Co. C. served three years and was breveted Major. He died November 19, 1909.

GEORGE B. STEPHENS was born at Homer, Ill., November 15, 1848, and came with his parents to Lake County in 1853 and settled in Newport near Millburn. There he has spent his life farming. He was Supervisor of Newport Township from 1899 to 1905. He was Chairman of the Board of Review in 1902. He was married February 24, 1881, to Miss Isabelle G. Bruce.

GEORGE STRANG was born in Scotland in 1819, and came to Lake County in 1838. He was married to Miss Eliza Sortor, June 17, 1847. She was born in New York in 1828. Mr. Strang died July 7, 1890, and Mrs. Strang January 15, 1911.

JOHN STRANG was born in Scotland, July 21, 1828, and came to America with his parents in 1837. He settled first in Canada and came to Lake County in 1850 and bought a farm in Section 31 of Newport. He was married to Miss Helen Trotter in Millburn in January, 1853. He died October 15, 1895.

ROBERT STRANG was born in Scotland in 1815. He came to Lake County in 1838, and kept the first store in Millburn. He returned to Scotland in 1846 and was married to Miss Jessie Monteath who was born in 1819. He returned to U. S. in 1846 with his wife and settled in Millburn where he continued to live until his death April 1, 1904. He was postmaster at Millburn from 1848 to 1856. Mrs. Strang was living in June, 1911. She was born November 10, 1820.

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