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Biographical Sketch for
Browe Family

This family is currenly being researched
These are our notes thus far.

Alfred Browe was born on June 6, 1821, in New Jersey. He died on April 25, 1896 (notice).

Wife Harriet J. was born in November, 1824, in Pennsylvania. She died in 1918.

Four children:

Sarah C., was born in 1851 in New Jersey, and died in 1941;

George W., born May, 1856, in New Jersey, and died in 1938;

Mary N., born January, 1860, in New Jersey, became teacher at Browe School;

Elizabeth L. W., Born August 26, 1864, at Wadsworth, Illinois. Did not marry. Died on Saturday, July 25, 1959, at Waukegan, Illinois (obituary).

Also... William Browe, born 1824 in England. Susanna, born 1840 in England. Alfred, born 1841, in New York. Julie E., born 1850 in New York. Walter L., born 1852 in New York. Matilda M., born 1854 in New York. Emma M., born 1859 in Illinois.

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