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Biographical Sketch for
Mathews Family

OOPS  --  OOPS  --  We've got a few errors in
                    this family structure and will be
                    working to correct them  --  OOPS --  OOPS

Charles A. Mathews-----+  +--Herbert R.-----------+
                       |  |                       |
                       +--+  Josephine R. Sadler--+
                       |  |
                       |  |  John A. Kerr---------+
                       |  |                       +--+--John A.----+
Jennett A. Huntley-----+  +--Alice M.-------------+                |
                          |                       |     Bridget----+
                          |                       |
                          |                       +--+--Martha
                          |  Victor F. Clark------+  |
                          |                          +--Margaret Caswell
                          +--Jane M.
                          +--Charles B.-----------+
                          |                       |
                          |  Lillian--------------+
                          +--Ella  A.-------------+
                             Otto C. Hagenstein---+

other information:
Jennie M. Mathews (1843-December, 1907)
Myra (1831-1857)
Frank H. (1865-1873)
Willie J., born October 30, 1885, died October 21, 1891.
 Only son of Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Mathews.
David P. Mathews,
 born at Clarmont, N. H., July 3, 1816,
 came to Wisconsin in 1846,
 died March 27, 1898, at age 78 years 8 months 24 days
  at his home in South Bristol,
 his first wife, Susan Pike, died in 1852,
 his second wife Orilla Chamberlin,
  born February 20, 1821, died December 3, 1908.
Nieces and nephews of H. R. Mathews:
  William D. Smith, of Racine, Wisconsin.
  Jennie Smith, wife of George O'Hare, of Corliss, Wisconsin.
  George Smith
  Herbert Smith

Charles A. Mathews

Born on September 7, 1825, in Norwich, Vermont. Came west, settling at Millburn, in 1850. Married Jennett A. Huntley. See tree above for children. Carpenter. Died December 31, 1894, at age 69 (obituary).

Jenette A. Huntley

Born August 14, 1833. Married Charles A. Mathews. Died in July, 1918 (1919?)

Children of Charles A. and Jenette A. Huntley Mathews

Herbert R.

Born December 15, 1847. Married
Josephine R. Sadler on November 1 (25?), 1879. Died January 23, 1906 (February 24?).

Alice M.

Born in 1857 in Wisconsin. Married John A. Kerr about December 4, 1877. Children. John died. Married Reverend Victor F. Clark (1856-1936). Children: Martha; Margaret Caswell, born in 1893, died in 1895. Lived several places, including Nealy, Nebraska, and Livingston, Montana.

Jane M.

Moved to Chicago.

Charles B.

Married Lillian. Moved to Kenosha. Two children. May have gone to Greenleaf, Kansas.


Might also be known as Angie or Augie. Died July 3, 1891, at age 33 years.

Ella A.

Born in 1861. Married Otto C. Hagenstein. Moved to Stockton, California. Died in 1957.
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