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Biographical Sketch for
Denman Family

Charles Edwin Denman---+     Guy W. McGuire-----------+  +--Ethel
                       |                              +--+
                       +--+--Minetta Bell-------------+  +--Ralph
                       |  |                           |
Cora Bell Stewart------+  |  Will Bonner--------------+
                          +--Jesse Stewart------------+  +--Kenneth White
                          |                           |  |
                          |                           +--+--Grace Eleanor
                          |                           |  |
                          |                           |  +--Margaret Lois
                          |  Margaret Eleanor White---+  |
                          |                              +--Robert Charles
                          |                              |
                          |                              +--Alice Catherine
                          +--Edwin Earl---------------+  +--Ann
                          |                           +--+--Laura
                          |  Eunice C. Bond-----------+  +--Vene
                          |  Ruth H. Pollock----------+  +--Elvin
                          |                           +--+
                          |                           |  +--Donald
                          +--William Schuyler---------+
                             Grace A. Hubler----------+

Charles Edwin Denman

Born April 17, 1860, at Madison, Indiana. Son of Jesse William Denman, later of Lincoln, Illinois. Married Cora Bell Stewart on August 15, 1883. See tree above for children. Died November 6, 1936. (photos available: 1915, 1932).

Cora Bell Stewart

Born in October 13 , 1859 (1858?), in Chicago. She was the daughter of Jackson and Anna E. Stewart (died October 9, 1907, at Highland Park) of Chicago. Married Charles Edwin Denman on Augst 15, 1883. Died September 11, 1946 at age 87 (obituary). (photos available: 1932, 1936, 1945).

Jesse William Denman

Beginning in Cuckfield, Sussex, England, Jesse and his brother moved to the United States about 1850. Their father's name was Michael. After staying for a time in New York, they moved to Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana. Here, Jesse married Maria Kealey, who was also from England. After the birth of their first child, the family moved to Lincoln, Logan County, Illinois. The family operated a truck farm there. Their children: William Henry; Annie, married E. L Webster, lived in Highland Park, Illinois; Carrie, married Mr. Gail, lived in Highland Park, Illinois; Ed, [Charles Edwin] of this sketch; Fred, lived in Seattle, Washington; Jesse B., lived in Wilmette, Illinois; Joseph, lived in Waukegan, Illinois. (photo available: 1915)

Children of Charles Edwin and Cora Bell Stewart Denman

Minetta Bell

Born in 1884. Married W. Guy McGuire (1883-1914) at noon on November 15, 1905 (
coverage). Children: Ethel, married Lloyd Atwell; Ralph D. Organist. Later married Will Bonner, in 1922. Moved to Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Died in 1966. (photos available: 1926, 1932, 1936, 1945, 1950).

Jesse Stewart

Born December 25, 1885, in Deerfield, Illinois. Married Margaret Eleanor White on October 25, 1911 (coverage). Children. Secretary of Millburn Mutual Insurance Co. for 39 years. Seriously hurt while felling tree (coverage). Died May 17, 1955, at age 69 years (obituary). (photos available: 1915, 1926, 1932, 1936).

Edwin Earl

Born October 29, 1893, at Glenwood, Illinois. Married Eunice C. Bond on October 29, 1917. She was born on July 16, 1896, and died on April 2, 1979 (obituary). Children: [one born 9/28/1918] Ann, married Mr. Harding, lived in Gurnee; Laura, married Frank Schmitt, lived in McHenry; Vene married Mr. Cermak, lived in Antioch. Moved to McHenry. Died August 17, 1965. (photos available: 1932, 1936).

William Schuyler

Went by name Schuyler. Name also seen spelled Schyler. Born December 23, 1897, in Millburn. Married Ruth H. Pollock (1898-1937). Children: Elvin; Donald. Ruth died. Married Grace A. Hubler (1892-1989). Died May 6, 1981, at age 83, in Waukegan. (photos available: 1926, 1932).

Children of Jesse Stewart and Margaret Eleanor White Denman

Group photo of children taken about

Kenneth White

Born August 16, 1913. Married Mary Bernice Bauman on August 9, 1941. She was born January 9, 1914, and died November 30, 1993, at age 79. Children: Deryl; Dean. Died November 7, 1977.

Grace Eleanor

Born October 19, 1915, in Millburn. Married Earl H. Kane. Children: Kenneth; Barbara; Donna. Died on July 31, 2001, at age 85 years, at Libertyville, Illinois (obituary).

Margaret Lois

Born January 25, 1918. Married Frank DeYoung on June 9, 1945. He was born on January 22, 1916, the son of Christian and Florence Whidden DeYoung. He died on Friday, May 5, 2000, at age 84 (obituary). No children. School teacher at Lake Villa and Gilmer. Died April 22, 2000 (obituary).

Robert Charles

Born August 25, 1920. Married Carol Upton in 1947. Children: Cheryl; Patricia; Charles; Mark; Diane. Died November 27, 1976.

Alice Catherine

Born December 19, 1924. Married Milton Bauman on October 1, 1949. Children: Karen; Joan.
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