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Biographical Sketch for
Henry. W. Humphrey Family

Rufus Humphrey--+  +--Henry W.-------+  +--Carrie------------+
                |  |                 |  |                    |
                +--+                 +--+  Thomas E. White---+
                |  |                 |  |
Maria Wagner----+  |  Mary E. Bain---+  +--Charles-----------+
                   |                    |                    |
                   |                    |  Helen Van Patten--+
                   |                    |
                   +--(six other        +--(nine other siblings)

Rufus Humphrey

Married Maria Wagner. Son Henry W., as well as six other children. Died in 1878 in Delaware County, New York, at age 84.

Maria Wagner

Married Rufus Humphrey. Died 1854.

Children of Rufus and Maria Wagner Humphrey

Henry W.

Read biographical sketches published in
1877 and 1891.

Born May 27, 1826 in Columbia County, New York. Married Mary E. Bain in 1850 in Columbia County, New York. Children. Came to Millburn area in 1855 and bought 200 acre farm with brother-in-law William Bain. Held political office. Died on Tuesday, May 15, 1894 (obituary).

Children of Henry W. and Mary E. Bain Humphrey


Born August 10, 1855, in Bristol, Kenosha County, Wis. Married Thomas E. White about August 23, 1881. Moved to Lyons, Neb.


Born December 3, 1857. Married Helen Van Patten about November 11, 1882. She was born March 28, 1859 and died June 9, 1938. Sold the farm and moved to Waukegan, Illinois, in February, 1903. Died December 4, 1921.
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