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Biographical Sketch for
Eichinger Family

Joseph Eichinger--+  +--Theresa---------------+  +--George
                  |  |                        +--+
                  +--+  James Gerrity---------+  +--Katheryne
                  |  |
Mary (unknown)----+  |
                     +--John------------------+  +--Mary C.
                     |                        +--+
                     |  Margaret (unknown)----+  +--(adopted son)
                     |                        |
                     |  George W. Yocum-------+

Have also seen this name spelled "Eichanger".

Joseph Eichinger

Born about 1815 in France. Married Mary (unknown). See tree above for children.

Mary (unknown)

Born about 1817 in France. Married Joseph Eichinger

Children of Joseph and Mary (unknown) Eichinger


Born about 1844. Married James Gerrity. Children: George; Katheryne. Died on April 13, 1906, at age 62, in Waukegan, Illinois (


Born in January, 1849, in New York.


Born in October, 1850, in New York. Married Margaret about 1880. She was born in March, 1847. Children: Mary C., born in May, 1883. Adopted an orphan boy in March, 1905.


Born in June, 1851. Married George W. Yocum about October 22, 1875. He was born in June, 1851. No children. Sold their home on April 15, 1927, and moved to Gurnee. Died April 26, 1929 (


Born in July, 1852.


Also known as Rose. Born in June, 1864.
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