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Biographical Sketch for
Marcus Gillett Family

Marcus Gillett----+  +--Clark------------------+  +--Nancy
                  |  |                         |  |
                  +--+                         +--+
                  |  |                         |  +--Charles D.----------+
Nancy-------------+  |  Margaret M. (unknown)--+  |                      |
                     |                            |  Imogene Zero Bater--+
                     |                            |
                     |                            +--Fannie Mae
                     +--Charles H.

Marcus Gillett

Born about 1813. Probably the son of Jesse (born about 1783 in Connecticut) and Freedom (born about 1891 in New York) Gillett. Bought land from federal government. See tree above for children. Died on August 13, 1850, at age of 37 years.

Nancy (unknown)

Born on May 2, 1816, in New York. Remarried, to Asa Winter, about November 24, 1852. Died on February 21, 1891, at age 75 years.

Children of Marcus and Nancy (unknown) Gillett


Born on February 3, 1836, in New York. Married Margaret M. (Mary?) (unknown last name). She was born on April 1, 1840, in Ireland (Canada?). She died on April 21, 1931.
Children. Died on October 20, 1898, at age 62 years.

Charles H.

Born about 1849 in Illinois.

Children of Clark and Mary M. Gillett

Nancy J.

Born in 1862. Died in 1933.

Charles D.

Born in July, 1870. Married Imogene Zero Bater. She was born on March 28, 1871, (April, 1872?) and died in 1951.
Children. Died in 1942.

Fannie Mae

Born about 1878. Married Albert Lightheart about June 18, 1901.

Children of Clark and Margaret M. Gillett


Born on August 26, 1895. Did not marry. Gardener for the Charles Lamb family. Died in January, 1972.


Born on August 5, 1896. Married Dewey Nichols. Owned grocery store in Kenosha.


Known to everyone as "C. D.". Born on August 25, 1898. Did not marry. Was a barber in Gurnee. Died in 1965.


Born on October 16, 1900. Married Arthur Apphonse Deloof on June 9, 1923. Died in June, 1983.


Born on October 13, 1905. Married Matilda Goldner. She was born in 1905 and died on October 24, 1974, at age 68 years. Lived for a time in Chipawa Falls, Wisconsin. Returned to Gurnee. Barber in Gurnee with brother Clark. Children: Richard; Heidi. Died on April 7, 1976.
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