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Biographical Sketch for
Shadrach Gerry Family

Shadrach Gerry-----+  +--John------------------+  +--George
                   |  |                        +--+
                   +--+  Sarah Ortlet----------+  +--Carl M.
                   |  |
Elizabeth----------+  +--Thomas----------------+
                      |                        +--+--Anna E.
                      |  Elizabeth-------------+
                      |                        |
                      |  Samuel Miller---------+
                      +--Samuel T.-------------+  +--Clinton
                      |                        +--+--Lizzie
                      |  Ellen M.--------------+  +--Harvey
                      +--Hannah M.-------------+
                      |                        |
                      |  Henry C. Edmonds------+
                      +--William Edward--------+
                      |                        |
                      |  Carrie Mae Lord-------+
                      +--Edmond L.-------------+  +--Claude
                      |                        +--+--infant son
                      |  Emma L. Campbell------+  +--twins
                      +--Horace G.-------------+  +--Ralph
                      |                        +--+
                      |  Louie Beatrice Yule---+  +--Iva
                      +--(unknown daughter)
Harold G. (1903-1990) & Lucille B. (1918-) Gerry

Shadrach Gerry

Shadrach spelled several ways and may be phonetic of Cedric. Born in Davonshire, England December 14, 1814. Another account lists birth date as December 25, 1803. Married Elizabeth in England. See tree above for children. Farmed land in Newport Township. Tombstone indicates he died June 26, 1894. Another account (records of Chas. Lamb, undertaker) lists date of death on June 23, 1893, at age 90 years. (obituary).


Born June 15, 1817 in England. Married Shadrach Gerry in England. Died November 3, 1889.

Children of Shadrach and Elizabeth Gerry


Born about 1841 in England. Married Sarah Ortlet (Ortlip?). She was born about 1845 in Pennsylvania. She died in September, 1908, in Cashmore, Washington. Children: George, born about 1866; Carl M., born in February, 1870. John may have died before 1899.


Born about 1846 in Illinois. Married Elizabeth (unknown last name). She was born in January, 1851, in England. She died on October 15, 1918, at age 67 years. Children: Anna E. (may have taken Miller name), born December 22, 1891, married William M. Hurley (1862-1951), died October 8, 1980. Thomas may have died before 1892. Elizabeth remarried, becoming the third wife of Samuel A. Miller on November 7, 1892.

Samuel A. Miller was born in April 11, 1827, in Virginia, and died November 25, 1912. He was the son of a very early Lake County pioneer family. He earned his living as a mason and farmer. He was twice a widower, having married his first wife, Phoebe Bullock, in February, 1837. Phoebe was born March 20, 1837 in New York, and died September 20, 1888, at age 51 years 6 months. His second wife was Anna Wilson, born 1840, died December 31, 1891 at age 42 years 4 months and 24 days.

Samuel T.

Born May, 1848. Married Ellen M. about 1879. She was born in July, 1854, and died in the Spring of 1913. Children: Clinton, born 1880, died 1883; Lizzie, born in June, 1883; Harvey, born 1895, died 1899. Farmer. Died 1923.

Hannah M.

Born on August, 1856. Married Henry C. Edmonds on March 28, 1900. He was born in November, 1865, in Illnois, and died in 1956. Children: Clara. Died 1935.

William Edward

Born on March 1, 1858, at Millburn. Moved to the North Fork of the Gunnison River valley in Colorado. Married Carrie Mae Lord on May 27, 1901, in Delta County, Colorado. Died February 27, 1931 (

Edmund L.

Born in May, 1860 (though tombstone says only 1859). Married Emma L. Campbell about June 26, 1901. She was born in 1875, daughter of J. Lewis (1840-1919) and Serena (1844-1912) Campbell, and died in 1963. Farmer. Moved to Waukegan, Illinois, in August, 1901. Children: Claude, born about 1902; Forest, (infant) died February 5, 1904; twins born March 29, 1906 (??? & Verne). Moved back to farm in Millburn. Edmund died July 14, 1910, of blood poisoning after an amputation (
obituary). Family relocated to Gary, Indiana. Family returned to Millburn.

Horace G.

Born in July, 1863. Married
Louie Beatrice Yule (July 1867-1939) about 1893. Children: Ralph, died on April 29, 1899, at age of 5 years; Iva, born 1895, married Mr. Kell, died in 1970. Machinist. Died in 1941 (obituary).
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