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Biographical Sketch for
Xaver Henkel Family

Xaver Henkel------+  +--Barbara
                  |  |
                  |  +--Julia Louise-----------------+  +--William F.
Magdalena Houser--+  |                               |  +--Jane M.
                     |                               +--+--John X.
                     |                               |  +--Mary
                     |  John J. Gallagher------------+  +--James M.
                     |                                  +--Louis J.
                     |                                  +--Albert
                     |                                  +--Carl
                     |                                  +--Leroy C.
                     |                                  +--(unknown)
                     +--Francis Xaver----------------+
                     |                               |
                     |  Mary Hironimus---------------+
                     +--Jacob William----------------+
                     |                               |
                     |  Mrs. J. Colberg Christensen--+
                     +--((other siblings))

Xaver Henkel

Often mistakenly spelled "Xavier", it is pronounced "zay-fer". Born on May 22, 1824, in Neuhausen, Germany. Came to America when 28 years old, arriving in New York on May 16, 1853. Moved to Michigan before settling in Lake County. Married Magdalena Houser on March 26, 1856, at Wadsworth, Illinois. See tree above for surviving children. Other children were Julia, Magdalena, Jacob, and John. At onset of Civil War, enlisted in Company M, Illinois Light Artillery. Re-enlisted in Battery C, Second Artillery, on February 27, 1864. School director, one term. Died on December 10, 1891 at age 67 years, 6 months, and 19 days. Buried in old St. Patrick's cemetery.

Read G.A.R. memorial.

Magdalena Houser

Born on May 13, 1829, in Baden, Germany. Married Xaver Henkel on March 26, 1856, at Wadsworth, Illinois. Died on December 12, 1892, at age 63 years. Buried in old St. Patrick's cemetery.

Children of Xaver and Magdalena Houser Henkel


Born in 1860. Died in 1874.

Julia Louise

Born on April 18, 1862. Married John J. Gallagher in 1880. He was born in November, 1851 (1850?) and died in 1922. Children: William F., born in April, 1881; Jane M., also known as Jennie, born on July 26, 1882 (1883?) at Millburn, married George Cashmore (died 1969) in 1906, she was a mail carrier at Wadsworth for thirty years, died on August 24, 1976, at age 93 (
obituary); John X., born in March, 1885; Mary, born in April, 1887; James M., born in November, 1888, died in 1936; Louis J., born in May, 1892; Albert, born in August, 1894, died in 1953; Carl, born in October, 1896; Leroy C., born in April, 1899. Julia died about October 14, 1945, at age 83 (obituary). (photo available: 1883)

Francis Xaver

Also known as Frank and Frankie. Born in 1863. Married Mary Hironimus about May 25, 1897.

Jacob William

Born June 21, 1866, near Millburn. Pioneer in the Yukon territory in 1897. Pioneer of the Francois Lake district, Canada. Married Mrs. J. Colberg Christensen on July 2, 1917, at Francois Lake. First justice of the peace there. Died March 8, 1845, at age 78 years (
obituary). Large ferry at Francois Lake named "Jacob Henkel" in his honor.
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